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Reference: Deposition and Trial

Memorandum: Improper Use of Rogs

Reference: Succeeding with Peer Testimony at Trial

Memorandum: Taking Judicial Notice

Reference: Peer Review Testimony Primer

Memorandum: Improper Use of Notice to Admit

Reference: Proving Illegal Corporate Structure

Memorandum: Waive Objections to Discovery

Reference: 2005 Guide to Common Issues

Memorandum: Peer Reviews Generally

Reference: EUO Materials

● Memorandum: Plaintiff’s Burden  Untimely Denial

Reference: No Fault Claim Handling Flow Chart

Memorandum: Definition of Medical Necessity

Reference: 11NYCRR65.15

Memorandum: Burden of Proof re Medical Necessity

Reference: 11NYCRR65.17


Reference: Fee Schedule: Appendix 17A.



Decisions: 2004 No Fault Case Summaries


Decisions: 2005 No Fault Case Summaries


Decisions: 2006 Appellate Term Decisions


Decisions: 2007 Appellate Term Decisions

Medicine: American Ortho Surgeons Back Pain

Decision: Peer Doctor ≠ demand more docs

Medicine: CMS on Current Perception Threshold

Decision: Professional Reliability from records context

Medicine. NEJM on Low Back Pain

Decision: Wrong Party Plaintiff

Medicine: List of Nerves

Decision: Founded Belief at Trial

Medicine: AAEM Cervical EDX Parameters

Decisions: Judicial Admissions

Medicine: AETNA Medical Coverage Guide



Sample: Subpoena Duces Tecum