Creedon & Gill attorneys  are experienced and expert construction accident  attorneys. We teach other attorneys about the  Labor Law, with experiences like being lead counsel in an eight defendant case  involving a worker paralyzed by a fall from a 4th story parapet, or as lawyer for the lead plaintiff among fourteen union tradesmen injured in an elevator disaster

Veterans Way Creedon & Gill represents five of the Veteran families whose homes in Islandia were victimized by illegal dumping. We are proud of the justice we have obtained so far for these Veterans, relying on our experiences as prosecutors and our expertise in the areas of coverage, construction, and environmental laws.

Suffolk Regional Off Track Betting tried to railroad a casino into the backyards in Brookhaven. They spent a lot of money and intended to ignore a lot of laws to get it done. Creedon & Gill was hired by the  Civic Associations to stop them. We did.  We are expert in land use and municipal liability litigation.

Loss of American Airlines Flight 577. In this catastrophic and  tragic case of the ill fated Air Bus, not only were passenger lives lost, but lives were lost and homes destroyed on the ground as well . Working swiftly through the issues of causation and apportionment, a full settlement was obtained from American Airlines.


Premises Liability: Representing a large retailer, we obtained summary judgment against the plaintiff, an employee of a vendor, and then recovered all of our client’s defense costs by enforcing common law indemnification claims against the vendor.


Trial Verdicts: In two recent jury trials representing “Kiddie Academy” Creedon & Gill obtained defense verdicts for our clients after establishing that they did nothing to  deviate from the duty of care owed to the children in their care.


Additional Insured Representing a large commercial owner, Creedon & Gill secured a complete takeover of the owner’s defense from a prime contractor through a declaratory judgment action.


Labor Law: In a recent New York Labor Law case involving paralysis after an unprotected fall we shifted seven figure settlement responsibility from our general contractor client to the Plaintiff’s employer.  We were then successful in organizing a settlement of this case between the eight defendants at mediation.


Municipal Liablity. Premises. Plaintiff complained of a trip and fall over a metal spike adjacent to a sidewalk.  We succeeded with a Summary Judgement Motion demonstrating that the spike was not in an area controlled by the Town.


Municipal Liability. Motor Vehicle Plaintiff complained of a motor vehicle accident caused by downed stop sign. We succeeded with a Summary Judgement Motion demonstrating that the Town had no notice of the downed stop sign and that this condition was not the proximate cause of the accident.


Toxic Tort. Construction and Land Use / Veterans Way We represented five of the six veteran families in the Islandia “Veterans Way” development who were victimized by same toxic dumping that closed Roberto Clemente Park. Working with the DEC and the Long Island Builders Association, we secured the safety of the families through a complete remediation of the 16-acre site, and the financial security of the families through concessions made by the developer, builders and note holders


Municipal Litigation. Land Use. OTB Casino

We Represented the Brookhaven Civic Organizations in Brookhaven who challenged and successfully opposed the siting of the Suffolk OTB Casino in Brookhaven. We demonstrated that Brookhaven zoning laws and land use ordinances did not allow for the Casino to be operated at a proposed Medford cite, and convinced the Suffolk OTB to re-cite their operation to a more appropriate location in Islandia.


Subrogation and Property Damage. Utilities  A case in active litigation in Warren County. A couples home was destroyed twice and  3 million dollars in damages incurred before it could be determined that shoddy workmanship in nearby lines by both the power and cable utilities  were causing cable lines running into the home to become energized and red hot, setting the home ablaze. We represent the home owner’s insurer in their subrogation action and expect to recover all their payments from these utilities.


Subrogation and Property Damage. Warehouse Blaze

A pharmaceutical warehouse was destroyed in a blaze whose cause and origin could not be determined. The carrier was prepared to close this case until our investigation determined that a sprinkler-failure “spread” theory could be prosecuted.  Against disclaimers of coverage   and rigorous opposition this matter was resolved in litigation with a seven-figure recovery.


Loss of American Airlines Flight 577

While at the Travelers Mr. Gill and Mr. Creedon successfully sought subrogation recovery for the November 2001 crash of an Air Bus destroyed the homes of client’s insureds on the ground. Working swiftly through the issues of causation and apportionment, a seven figure settlement was obtained from American Airlines.

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