Creedon & Gill P.C.

Year: 2021


SCAFFOLD LAW LADDER LAW ROUNDUP  Section 240(1) of New York’s Labor law is known as its “Scaffold” Law. It is unique among Labor Laws in requiring a finding of strict liability against Owners and General contractors who run afoul of its provisions. Under the Scaffold...

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Charitable Trusts

Charitable Trusts  Charitable trusts are often formed in the memory of a departed or because of a passionate commitment to to a cause or charity. They are easy to create, and the form for such a trust can be found on the IRS website at...

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Contractor’s Bill of Rights

In situations where the client is a prime or sub contractor, it is challenging to sort through construction contracts to tease out provisions favorable, dis-favorable, pit falls or traps.  If the following 15 provisions are bargained for or red lined into a...

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The following overview and information sheet is provided for informational purposes. It is not intended as a “do it yourself guide” or templated.  Drafting a Power of Attorney document, because it can gives someone almost unfetted power to act as if they were another...

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Municipal Liability Defense

Creedon & Gill successfully defends town agianst a late NOC  Creedon & Gill, representing a local municiplaity, successfully opposed Plaintiff’s OTSC to file a late NOC in this matter.  Plaintiff  alleged he was seriously injured (2 knee surgeries, neck and...

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