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Creedon & Gill Recovers $400,000 for an Estate looted by its attorney.

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Firm News |

Creedon & Gill recovered $400,000 this week for an Estate looted by its attorney.

When attorney Peter J. Creedon received a call from Estate Executors in Brooklyn looking for a new attorney, they explained that their previous attorney had just died. They said they needed a new lawyer to get funds out of his escrow account, funds he had put there after selling an Estate property years before. Every week for years the attorney had called the Executors to patiently explain why he couldn’t release the funds yet.

But the real reason was because he had stolen the money, and burned through to  fund a lavish lifestyle for  himself.

Our worst fears were realized when we used the power of subpoena to summon his personal and law firm the banking records. They showed on a close inspection that he had squandered every cent.

At this point we opened a case with the Lawyers Fund for Client Protection. This is an agency established to help people hurt by crooked lawyers. Every year the registration fees of thousands of New York lawyers goes into the fund. Creedon & Gill was able to prove to the Fund exactly what had happened, and as a result the Fund authorized payment of $400,000 – the maximum they can pay on a single case to the Estate.

Our clients were happy to receive this money. And we were happy deliver this bit of justice.